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Graduating in June? The difference between an “Intent to Graduate” form and a “Petition to March Only” form

High priority

Will you complete ALL of your degree requirements, including electives, by the end of May, 2022, meaning that you will not be taking any classes for your current degree in the summer semester? Please click HERE for the Intent to Graduate form for the June 5, 2022 conferral. June Intent to Graduate forms are due in the Registrar's Office by February 14th. All students must fill out an Intent to Graduate form at the beginning of their final semester, regardless of whether they plan to participate in a ceremony. Your academic record will not be audited, and you will not graduate if the Registrar's Office does not receive this form.

If you will not complete your degree by June 5th, but wish to participate in the June 12th commencement ceremony in Boston, you must qualify for the "March Only" requirements. You may find the "Petition to March Only in Commencement" form on the Student Forms page. Please read the form carefully, and do not submit it unless you meet all of the requirements, including registering for the summer term. "March Only" forms will not be accepted after the April 11th deadline.

You may participate in the June ceremony in Boston only if you fall into one of these categories:

  • You submitted a June intent to graduate form because you will meet all requirements for the June 5 degree conferral by the established deadlines, and then actually meet the qualifications to graduate by the deadline
  • You graduated in August 2021 (do not submit a March Only form!)
  • You graduated in January 2022 (do not submit a March Only form!)
  • You meet the requirements on the “March Only” form, submit it to the Registrar’s Office before April 11th, and receive a confirmation of your eligibility from the Registrar’s Office
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